!!Membership and Insurance!!

Membership/Insurance for Bloomsbury Aikido Club Practitioners

With the exception of first time beginners and insured visitors, you need current club membership/insurance to train with Bloomsbury Aikido Club. Always bring evidence of your insurance to class. You should keep your membership/insurance slip in your association membership book.

First-time beginners are given a “first three classes” try-out period, covered by the association insurance arrangements:
First class – BAC (Upper Room) no training fee. Prior to class, please complete the Goshinkai Membership Application/Visitor Form and the Bloomsbury Aikido Club PARQ. These forms are needed for Health and Safety reasons.
Second class – BAC (Upper Room) training fee, non-member rate, applies.
Third class – BAC (Upper Room) training fee, non-member rate, applies. After this class, if you decide that you would like to train with us, the annual membership fee is payable before your fourth class.
For the time being, Bloomsbury Aikido Club is not holding regular classes in London. BAC’s present function is explained in BAC Newsletter 2017-1.

Club Annual Membership Fees from 1 February 2017
This is a combined fee for membership to Goshinkai Aikido Association, to the Bloomsbury Aikido Club and to the British Aikido Board. Membership includes insurance to practise Aikido in the UK. Payment methods: cheque or bank transfer.
Standard: £37; Concessions £30.
of which £5 goes to Bloomsbury Aikido Club membership

Beginners and Visitors are welcome
Visitors from other associations and from abroad are always welcome, especially UCL Alumni Aikido Group & Friends. If you have a UCL Alumni Card, please bring this to get a discount on the Bloomsbury Aikido Club non-member training fee (only applies to BAC classes, not to GSK events). If you are a visitor from abroad, you should arrange that insurance for the practice of martial arts is included in your travel insurance

UCL Students who are members of UCL Aikido Club – your GoShinKai association membership/insurance is arranged by via your UCL Aikido Club officers. Your UCL club membership (paid to the Students’ Union) covers training at UCL Aikido classes only. You are welcome to train at the Bloomsbury Aikido Club dojo (Upper Room) and BAC or GSK courses and events: please bring evidence of your UCL Aikido Club membership or your insurance slip to the training session and the appropriate training or course fee.