Prime Aims

• To provide opportunity to practise Traditional Aikido, following the example set by Aikido Founder, O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), his descendants (Doshus, Dojocho) and one of our most respected British teachers, Shihan Mr W.Smith M.B.E.(d. 2006).

• To promote an atmosphere of accessibility, friendship, encouragement and mutual development.


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Aikido is a great martial art for all. “Always train in a vibrant and joyful manner” – O Sensei

BAC Head of Dojo

dojoBarbara Sotowicz Sensei, 5th Dan, Goshinkai Shidoin, BAB Coach Level 3.
Head of Dojo, Bloomsbury Aikido

Bloomsbury Aikido Club

BLOOMSBURY AIKIDO CLUB (BAC). A UCL Alumni Aikido Group club.
Assistant Instructor: Kris Zymla.

Aikido has been practised at UCL since 1975. The current role of the Bloomsbury Aikido Club is as an Alumni (Aikikai Aikido) counterpart of the revived UCLU Aikido Club. Alumni are welcome at UCLU Aikido Club classes, see Joining a UCLU Club.

New Class starting from 7 October 2016
Friday 17:30-18:30 in The Upper Room
Training fees (to cover hiring costs and running costs) and more to follow. Special Rates for UCL Alumni.

Contact. Facebook UCL Alumni Aikido Group and Friends

See also ‘Joining and Insurance’ below.




UCLU Aikido Club Classes

The recently revived (2014/15) student-led Aikido Club now offers two styles of traditional Aikido and the competitive style, Shodokan. Traditional Aikido classes are in the DOJO /Multipurpose Room, UCLU Bloomsbury Fitness Centre. There is no class fee but you must pay to enter the BF, see .

Wednesday 18:00-20:00 Sensei Paul Magee, Exeter Aikido
Saturday 10:00-12:00 – Sensei Barbara Sotowicz, twice a month. Club practice on alternate weeks.
Summer timetable: check “News”.
Please come in good time to help lay mats (the BF manager demolished the iconic, traditional, permanent dojo on 14/12/2013).
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See also ‘Joining and Insurance’ below.

Joining and Insurance

Bloomsbury Aikido Club is a member the GoShinKai Association. For insurance purposes, you need to join GoShinKai after two classes. New members can download a Go Shin Kan Membership Application Form here.

Please return the completed form (GSK Membership Form Example 2016 to follow) to our club registrar with your cheque made out to (details to follow) and with a stamped envelope. GSK Annual Membership includes insurance to train. Standard £32; Concessions £25. These are inclusive of any grading examination fees. There is a special rate for college students who are members of college clubs: £7 – this rate does not include grading examination fees.
Visitors who practise regularly in the UK must bring insurance slips. Visitors from abroad must bring evidence of travel insurance covering martial arts activities.

BEGINNERS and VISITORS are always welcome, but you must be 18+ years. Please wear suitable training clothes, i.e. a Judo or Karate suit. At first, a sturdy T-shirt and track suit trousers will do. This must cover and protect shoulders and knees and enable you to move freely. For safety, all jewellery etc. should be taken off. Training on mats is in bare feet. Dojo slippers or shoes should be worn to and from the mat.


Bloomsbury Fitness Centre 15 Gordon Street, London WC1. Parking Restrictions Mon-Fri 8:30-18:30; Sat 8:30-13:30.


Downloads and Credits

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Go Shin Kai Membership Application Form & notes.
GoShinKai Membership Form Example 2016

GoShinKai Grading Syllabus
GoShinKai Kyu Grading Form
Kyu Gradings and Grading Guidelines at Bloomsbury Aikido Club revision in preparation

Bloomsbury Aikido Logo: A big THANK YOU to Jon Maunder for the creation and donation of our logo.